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Dental treatments available in Newcastle

Newcastle offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments for those living on Tyneside:

What cosmetic dental treatments are available in Newcastle ?

Newcastle has a large number of cosmetic dental practises to satisfy your every cosmetic dental need. Why not have a look at the list of cosmetic dentists in Newcastle here.

Sometimes, a simple teeth whitening procedure is simply not enough to get our teeth the colour we would like. And sometimes, even if it is, there may be cracks or chips in our front teeth that we are embarrassed to show. This is where dental veneers come into their own. By removing an extremely thin layer from the front of our teeth and manufacturing a replacement veneer made from porcelain, the dentist will cement these to the front of the teeth, leaving a white and undamaged set of beautiful teeth.

Mini Dental Implants
Dental implants have become common practice now for the replacing of missing teeth. Although this is a great innovation in dentistry, there is always room for improvements and mini dental implants are one of these. As the name implies, these are much smaller than traditional implants which means that they can be placed by the dentist in a single visit unlike traditional ones which need a three month period to allow the titanium root to bond with the bone. Mini implants can also be placed into the jawbone of those whose bone density would not be sufficient for a traditional implant, saving time, money and potential discomfort.

Smile Makeover
A smile makeover is a generic term used to incorporate a number of potential cosmetic dental procedures. This may simply be a teeth whitening procedure if a personís teeth are in very good condition otherwise, but could equally include the addition of veneers, crown or dental implants amongst other things. It has also been known as a Hollywood Smile after the dental work done on early Hollywood stars to make them appear better on the big screen.

Bruxism (Tooth Grinding)
Tooth grinding affects quite a large proportion of the British public at some time. This is often caused by stress and can be largely controlled when we are conscious we are doing it. The bigger problem arises as most people do this during their sleep and sleep grinding is more intense and likely to cause damage to the teeth. This can range from minor damage through to fracturing of the tooth. Left untreated, it can also cause damage to the jaw structure. Thankfully dentists can now fit a mouth guard to wear whilst sleeping to prevent this happening.

Teeth Bleaching
Although there are DIY teeth bleaching kits, it is much better and safer to ask your Newcastle cosmetic dentist to carry out this procedure. The teeth whitening should take around an hour and involves a whitening gel being applied to the teeth and then activated by shining a specific light source onto it. This dispels the discoloured molecules in the teeth and leaves the patient with a much whiter set of teeth. The additional good news is that this procedure can be re-done as needed without damage to the teeth.

Tooth Coloured Fillings
For many years, amalgam has been the standard filling for our teeth. Whilst this is an extremely strong material, it canít however be said to be aesthetically pleasing to look at when we open our mouth. The problem for some time has been that initial attempts to use tooth coloured fillings proved not to be strong enough to withstand our biting and chewing actions. However, with advances in technology, this is now possible with a tooth coloured filling which is usually made from a mixture of glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient. Some dentists do still prefer to use tooth coloured fillings on the more visible front teeth only however.