Making the right choice of family dentist

Reliable dentistry helping preserve great oral health for life

It is perhaps a sad fact of life that, in the UK, many people see dental care as something of a low priority. Whilst we may take great care to try to ensure that our kids eat healthily and avoid excess sugars (which we know they secretly do at school), we are for some reason, not so good at ensuring that all of the family, both adults and children, keep up regular dental appointments.

This may at least partially be the reason why the British have such a reputation world wide for poor teeth. Of course, most of us spend a small fortune on gimmicky tooth brushes so say nothing about the million and one varieties of toothpaste which promise everything under the sun. Add to these, numerous mouthwashes and you would think that our teeth should be as perfect as possible and why bother with a dentist? The reality, however, is somewhat different. Of course, it is important that we take good care of our teeth and should brush and floss on a regular basis. There is little doubt that this in itself will significantly help to protect our teeth. It will not, however, prevent the build up of plaque that hides in those places that we simply can't reach, very often at the back of teeth.

This plaque is actually an accumulation of bacteria which eats away at the enamel on our teeth and is what leads to tooth decay. This decay does not necessarily mean that your teeth will fall out though, at least not for some time. The initial damage is usually made up of tiny holes or cracks that appear in our teeth. These in turn allow in more of the bacteria and before we know it, we have bad tooth decay and sometimes pain. These tiny cracks are very difficult to prevent but a good dentist such as this family dentist in Cahir near Tipperary in Ireland, will be able to detect these problems and deal with them before the problem becomes much larger. This may simply mean putting in a little tooth bonding material, or it may mean a small filling.

This, however, is much better than a major filling or even an extraction that leaves you without a tooth. As well as preventing problems such as tooth decay, many of the new breed of dentists, often called cosmetic dentists, offer many new procedures such as a new form of dental brace called Invisalign which allows adult teeth to be straightened without the need for ugly metal braces. For the nervous Patient, probably the ones most likely to avoid dental treatment, many also now provide sedation dentistry which allows the patient to be fully conscious and awake but totally relaxed. This means that there is now no excuse for keeping up your visits to the dentist for yourself and for the whole family.