The State of the Nations Teeth

Are British residents finally taking pride in their teeth?

Whilst no-one seems exactly sure why Britain has attained such a reputation for the poor quality of its teeth, there is little doubt that this stereotype has worked its way right across the globe, with the United States especially, seemingly taking great delight in it, as you would perhaps expect from a country where the attainment of perfection is everything.

With many people in the UK finding it difficult to join an NHS dental practice, perhaps there is a risk of this becoming even more of a problem for the Brits. On the other hand, there are now many more cosmetic dental procedures that are available from cosmetic dental practices and these will work to correct discolouration and poor positioning, so the options are there, should people chose to use them. The worst British stereotype perhaps, is the misaligned teeth.

Many US cartoons, such as Family Guy show the Brits as having very prominent protruding teeth in the manner that makes it immediately obvious that they are supposed to be British before they even start to speak. However, a small survey of people who have had adult braces fitted in Hanwell has indicated that there is a sea change ahead and that people are actually starting to take more care of their appearance.

This may have been accelerated by the makeover shows on TV and the prominence of celebrities in the media, many of whom have certainly had cosmetic dental procedures. In fact, shows such as the x-factor which perhaps makes people believe that with just a modicum of talent, they will be able to take the world by storm, has seen many younger people turn to orthodontics in order to have that Hollywood smile so valued by the media in its search for the latest new thing.

The use of invisible braces for adults has, without a doubt, been one of the biggest advances in this field and their lack of visibility has been a major factor in the increase of the take up amongst adults. Most of them can probably remember the mocking that their classmates suffered at school when they came with their metal braces fitted. It may have been this fact which deterred many of us from following that path. But, as they say, it's never too late for change and adult braces certainly offer a great way to bring the straightness back to our teeth and give us a reason to smile once again.