Regain your youth with dental implants

A new lease of life following successful implantology

When we are young, we generally think that our teeth will remain in good condition throughout our lives. As we get older though, we start to notice a few changes in our physical bodies and the gradual deterioration of our teeth are certainly one of those.

Of course, it is inevitable that anyone who has chosen to step outside of their home is likely to get a few knocks and bruises along the way, and the modern high sugar diet doesn't help either. A combination of the two means that most of us will lose a few teeth during our lives. The most common replacement tooth is the denture. Whilst these were once seen as a great dental advance; for many, they have become cumbersome and uncomfortable and consequently, people are seeking alternatives to them. By far the best method of replacing a lost tooth has to be the dental implant.

Not only does this provide an excellent strong replacement tooth but it has the same appearance and feel of a natural tooth. Interviews with people who had dental implants fitted in Ashby in Derbyshire usually showed that they were extremely satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. There was one noticeable exception, but on speaking with the dentist who performed the procedure, it appears that this patient had ignored all advice not to smoke either side of the procedure and had consequently had problems. This does not seem to have been the case at all with the other patients, all of whom were highly satisfied. When asked about the cost of the treatment, several did say that they debated for a long time as to whether they could afford the implant, but having decided to go ahead, they had no regrets.

The fact that an implant should last for a minimum of twenty years, and up to forty, seemed to be a factor in their decision as many said that it did represent good value for money. Nearly all of the people who had had the implant in Ashby had previously had a false tooth there. All, without exception said that the implants were much better, many stating that their dentures had caused sore gums and more than a few had embarrassing tales about when their dentures became loose in social situations. Overall then, it does appear that dental implants are beginning to make their mark on the British psyche and are registering as an excellent option to replace a missing tooth. Hopefully, the cost of this procedure will come down over time and become available to a wider cross section of society.