Invisalign Braces - Working Wonders!

For many adults and teens with crooked teeth, Invisalign is the answer

Cosmetic dentistry is now more popular than ever. Many of the procedures are designed to make your teeth look much better and in most cases, whiter. Some of the procedures however also work to improve the condition of your teeth. For example, tooth whitening does little than make your teeth look much nicer, not a bad thing in itself but somewhat limited in its usefulness.

Veneers however, not only fulfil this function but can close gaps in the teeth and replace chipped teeth too, thereby serving a dual function. One of the main procedures that are proving very popular is the invisible brace, also referred to as Invisalign which is its trade name. It is possible to have this Invisalign procedure in Epsom and other parts of Surrey with several cosmetic dentists offering this service. The great thing about Invisalign is that it is barely detectable to the casual observer which means that the patient will retain his confidence as well as his smile throughout the procedure.

This is in stark contrast to the ugly metallic braces of old which if research was done would probably show that many people actually suffered psychologically fairly badly. As well as this obvious advantage, Invisalign offer a couple of other benefits which are more than worth noting. One of which is the fact that you can simply take these braces out whilst eating and to brush your teeth. In fact, not only CAN you do this, they are actually designed to do exactly that. Of course, you should keep them in as much as you can, otherwise the period of treatment will quite likely need to be extended. You should also clean your teeth prior to replacing the brace to prevent trapping food particles and causing decay. Also, with these braces, there is no need for the dentist to tighten them.

You will be provided with four sets, each of which works to push your teeth back a little bit. Once the first has done its job, you simply pop the next one in, and so on until the treatment is competed. These advantages, combined with the obvious one of how discreet they are, allow the wearer to correct their uneven teeth without embarrassment. This can be especially important if you have a public role such as a TV presenter where you will be seen close up on a regular basis. It is also important as confidence is well known to improve a person’s chance of career success, to say nothing of successful relationships. So, if you have had crooked teeth for some time and decided that they were something you would have to live with because there was no way you were wearing metal braces, it is recommended that have a talk with your dentist and see if he offers Invisalign at his practise. If not, you may have to look around to find a local cosmetic dentist to arrange this for you.