Are there any adverse issues with clear braces?

Common misconceptions about braces addressed

Whilst most people leap at the chance to have clear braces fitted to correct their misaligned teeth, there are a few who seem to have fallen for the negative tales about them. Sometimes reading on the internet is not the best thing. We thought that we would take a look at these misconceptions and hopefully answer the accusations against them.

Aren't Clear Braces only used for minor misalignment problems?

Many people seem to believe this myth and it is exactly that. Certainly, very major gaps in teeth may be a problem, but they would be for traditional braces too. For the huge majority of correction issues, clear braces will do the job very nicely and without the discomfort of wired metal braces.

Clear Braces have to be worn longer

We checked this with a dentist who fits his patients with clear braces in Epsom. He said that this was completely false and in most cases, the period of time they should be worn is less than traditional braces, most of the time, around half of it.

They Are Uncomfortable More uncomfortable than having metal braces in your mouth?

We really don't think so. In fact nearly everyone who has clear braces fitted has noted that apart from the first few days where, whilst not uncomfortable, it feels a little strange, clear braces offer a fantastic way of correcting the teeth without the discomfort that traditional braces provide.

They will fall out

Clear braces are precision tools and are made using the latest technology to ensure that they fit perfectly. Perhaps the only way that they fall out is if you insist on chewing sticky toffee with them in, which would go against everything that you will be advised on. In fact, you should always remove your clear braces whilst eating to avoid this problem and to avoid any potential damage to them.

You can still see clear braces

If you know that someone is wearing clear braces and stare at them, then yes, you may well see them. For the casual observer though, and for many people who are close but unaware, clear braces are very difficult to spot indeed, and certainly more difficult than revealing a mouth of metal each time you smile. It is sometimes quite incredible where these rumours start but hopefully the above answers will help you to make up your own mind about whether clear braces are for you.