Sore Dentures?

Is there a good solution for an uncomfortable denture?

Are you one of the unfortunate people who need an alternative to loose dentures? If so, you will most likely be already frustrated by the painful soreness of your gums which is caused by the friction of your dentures as they rub against them.

You will also probably be fed up with worrying about whether they will become loose whilst you are speaking to someone, or even worse, falling out onto the dinner table whilst eating! Fear not though, there is now a successful alternative using the latest dental implant technology which can give you a full and strong set of replacement teeth and bring a smile back into your life.. In a process often referred to as 'all on four', dental implants can be used to hold either your dentures in place or probably better still, be replaced by a fixed brace held in place by the implants.

As well as fixing the problem of loose dentures, these do not have to be removed at night for cleaning; you simply brush and floss them as you would with natural teeth. The fact that they are also held firmly in place means that you will no longer need to be careful of what you eat and will be able to eat foods that require a certain amount of force to chew, once more. Whilst dental implants themselves are perhaps the best option as they replace a tooth with a tooth, this can become very expensive and also will mean a lengthy period of treatment.

By using all on four, as the name implies, only 4 implants are used. The secret is in the positioning of the 2 implants at the rear which are placed at an angle and provide an extremely strong base to anchor in the dentures or bridge. Because of this angle, the procedure is suitable for those who have lost bone density in the jaw. This negates the need to have a bone graft procedure, something few people look forward to. It may be that at the time of the procedure, you have some teeth that may require removing. With traditional procedures, this would have meant a lengthy healing period but with all on four, the implants can be placed into the site of the removed teeth on the same day. Because of this, the whole process is a great deal shorter than traditional implants and will leave you with a great smile and a stronger set if full teeth in a much shorter period than normal.