Cosmetic dentistry - making its mark

Renewed confidence with brighter smiles and better oral function at your cosmetic dental practice

Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes thought by people to be dentistry for the vain. This would imply that it has little value other than to make a person more attractive, especially for the cameras. Most dentists, as we know, are perfectly good at extracting teeth or providing us with a filling or two (or even more), but although they may leave our teeth in good condition, they are often filled with the ugly amalgam type fillings and our teeth will still be as crooked as before.

However, there is now a new breed of dentist like this popular Burton cosmetic dentist in the East Midlands who provides an wide range of services to their patients, most of whom probably don't fit into the stereotypes of people who have cosmetic dentistry. So, what do these people, who are not in the spotlight, benefit from these procedures? Well, contrary to popular belief, many cosmetic dental procedures do in fact help to preserve the integrity of our teeth such as dental implants for example, or all on 4 procedures to fix bridges permanently in place.

However, even the ones that do nothing other than make our teeth look nicer have a significant role to play in the quality of life. The reality is that we are on this planet for but a short period of time so it makes sense to get the most from it. This can be difficult if we feel that we are not attractive or perhaps even our teeth prevent us from eating very well or make us lisp when we talk. These problems can be corrected with cosmetic dental procedures and help to make us feel a lot better about ourselves. It is a well known fact that confident people actually do get on better in life. They tend to have much better careers and often better relationships too. Some may say that this is done to the way that society sees 'beautiful people', however, it is much more likely that it is about the way that we see ourselves, rather than the other way around. So, which procedures offer the most benefits to us all?

This really does depend on the individual but the two which perhaps offer the most immediate benefits are tooth whitening, whether this be from a tooth whitening procedure or from having new dental veneers fitted in cases that are too extreme for the whitening procedure. The other one is invisible braces. These braces are designed for adults, especially those who refused the metal braces during their teen years. These new braces are easy to wear and difficult to detect. There is little doubt that having a set of even teeth, especially white ones, will give you the confidence to smile much more when out in the company of others. So, as well as strengthening our teeth, cosmetic dentistry, it seems, can give us the confidence to march on proudly throughout our lives.