Straight Teeth in Less Than 6 Months

Adults are benefiting from new 6 month smiles braces

There are many adults in the UK who feel embarrassed by the poor state of their teeth. Sometimes this is due to neglect or not keeping up regular dental appointments, sometimes it is due to damage caused by an accident. For many though, although they have kept their teeth decay free and cleaned and flossed them regularly, one decision in their life may well have left them with a set of highly uneven teeth through their adult years.

This decision is likely to have been taken in their teens when factors such as peer pressure and the discovery of physical attraction seemed far more important than a longer term need to have a good set of even teeth. At the time, the only option for succeeding in this was to wear the traditional metal braces which we all know and loath. There is little doubt that these braces were not only unattractive but also uncomfortable and likely to cause a great deal of stress to the wearer, often through bullying at school.

Given these factors, it is hardly surprising that a lot of people chose not to wear them. Years later though as they enter their adult years, many have come to regret the decision, wishing that they had tolerated the negative sides of braces and now had a nice set of straight teeth. Hindsight though, is a wonderful thing and the reality is that we can’t turn back the clock to those days so we are then left with the question of what can be done about our crooked teeth now.

The good news is that it is now possible to get rapid 6 month smiles through the use of special adult braces. These braces are entirely different to the metal braces of old. These are made from a high quality materials and are designed to attach strategically and inconspicuously to the patient’s teeth. The way they are fitted is an obvious advantage as it means that they are more or less undetectable to those not in the know. This means that the wearer can live a regular life without fear of embarrassment in social or business situations.

The time taken to correct the misaligned teeth can vary depending on the severity but an average of 6 months is the time indicated by most cosmetic dentists – not a significant amount of time in order to bring a confident smile back to your face.