Snap on a new smile in seconds

Bolt on a beautiful new smiles in an instant!

We all like to look good and living a healthy lifestyle is a contributing factor to this. A good supply of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a balanced overall diet will keep our skin looking in good condition. Smoking on the other hand will dry out the skin and leaving it looking wrinkled. That is the good news; the bad news is that most of us find it difficult to live that kind of life and often find ourselves under pressure for time, meaning that we tend to eat whatever is to hand to simply get through the day, and over time, this contributes to our appearance of ageing. Because of this we often look at ways other than changing our lifestyle to make ourselves look better. Some things are relatively simple such as shopping for new clothes. We may also find that having our hair styled makes a big difference both to our looks and our confidence. There are even hairpieces that can dramatically alter a persons appearance should they so wish.

One of the hardest things to fix quickly though are our teeth. Whilst there are a great many cosmetic dental procedures which will greatly improve the appearance of our teeth, most of these are invasive procedures such as dental implants which can take a period of time to have the full positive effect. The fastest 'quick dental fix' is undoubtedly a tooth whitening procedure. This can whiten the teeth by up to a factor of eight or more, depending on the initial condition of the teeth. For heavier smokers though and those whose teeth are badly stained, this may not be enough and dental veneers may be needed.

There is a third option available though and one which is probably not as widely used as others and that is the ‘snap on smile’. This is an easy and inexpensive method of getting a beautiful smile without the hassle of undergoing any treatment. The latest snap on smile is a custom made 'smile' which fits onto your existing teeth. They are entirely natural in appearance and are made from a thin material.

Having a snap on smile requires no injections or surgery but just two simple visits to the dentists for impressions to be made and for you to select the shading that you require.

This is an excellent option for those special occasions such as a wedding where you want to look your best for the photographs that you will hopefully look at for many years to come. It is a small investment to make for a lifetime of happy memories.